Lambda Controller

Single Channel Lambda Controller

LC1 controller is designed to meet the latest automotive standards and by its ruggedized structure provide a reliable and accurate solution even under harsh motorsport conditions.

The core is driven by the industrial leading Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) Bosch CJ125 allowing not just precision measurements to be taken but also providing an accurate closed-loop control of the internal heater. Both of those crucial elements of a lambda controller are compatible with the latest technology from Bosch supporting their latest low-latency sensor LSU ADV.

The external structure and the measurement principle of LSU ADV is the same as the LSU 4.9. However, the LSU ADV has undergone internal redesign improving the heating efficiency and reduce power consumption. This has got a significant effect on sensor accuracy and response time.

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Single Thermocouple Amplifier

Single Channel Thermocouple Amplifier

TC1 Thermocouple Amplifier is designed to meet the latest automotive standards and by its ruggedized structure provide a reliable and accurate solution even under harsh motorsport conditions.
TC1 offers a cost-effective solution for measuring temperatures in range of 0 up to +1250°C using K-type Thermocouple probe. The amplifier utilizes internal junction compensation circuitry to improve the measurement accuracy under various ambient conditions. The output is linearized analogue voltage in range of 0 – 5V. The packaging is small, durable and lightweight aluminium case.

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Quad Thermocouple Conditioner

Quad Thermocouple Conditioner to Can Bus

TC4-C Quad channel Thermocouple Conditioner to CAN is designed to meet the latest automotive standards and by its ruggedized structure provide a reliable and accurate solution even under harsh motorsport conditions.
TC4-C is versatile Thermocouple probe conditioner that can be used for various Thermocouple Types (K, J, T, N, S, E, B, R) offering a wide range of temperatures and measurement accuracies. Typically used with common K-Type Thermocouples gives a full range from -100 to +1372°C. Each channel accommodates its own Cold-junction compensation reading to provide precise and error free Temperature measurement at the desired probe tip. The Voltage measurement is sourced from an up to 18-bit Analogue to Digital Converter offering high accuracy with fast response times. In addition, it integrates digital IIR Filter that can be configured to help reducing fast thermal transients or instabilities.
User can fully configure the Thermocouple conditioner behaviour with RS232 Setup Menu. This allows adjusting the settings for best required performance as well as modifying the CAN bus Communication properties to suit the application.
All the above is packaged inside a ruggedized, waterproof aluminium case. Flying leads give the option for selection of electrical connectors to suit individual requirements.

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Ignition Driver

12 - Cylinder Ignition Driver

The ID12.2 Ignition Driver is designed and manufactured with ruggedized aluminum alloy casing to operate under harsh environment conditions, however, still weighting as low as 290g. With its 12-channel arrangement it can provide a reliable single-box solution even for high number of cylinders applications. It was designed with high current capabilities in mind going up to 40A per channel which is suitable for low inductance coils found in Historic Formula 1 cars. The output operation voltage is up to 30V with fly-back protection for up to 450V. The communication with the ECU is realized via separate logic level TTL inputs that is support by most of the current ECU manufacturers.

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DAS Switch

Dual-Analogue Signal Switch

DAS-SWITCH is a miniature device designed for use under harsh motorsport environment. The use of lightweight anodized aluminium allows the total mass to be as low as 105grams. The function of the DAS-SWITCH is to switch between 2 Analogue Sensors of the same purpose. It contains 2 independent switches hence can be used either for 2 separate sensors or 1 dual-track sensor.

The electronic design is fully Analogue with programmable scaling coefficients protected against changes while in use. This allows not only switching between 2 independent Input signals but also scaling the signals to the same output range thus a single ECU calibration can be used regardless of the sensor selection.

An example application can be a dual-track Pedal position switching for Fly-by-wire Throttle where a “Hand-Throttle” is required for Engine fire-ups but second Pedal position sensor not supported by the ECU. The firmware is equipped with Autocalibration feature which can learn and set the scaling coefficients for each Input sensor and allow for seamless switching between the “pedal” and “hand” throttle. Another application can be for Backup Sensor strategies where under a faulty condition backup sensor needs to be selected to the same ECU input.

Monitoring and Communication of the DAS-SWITCH with the Vehicle Electronics is handled by a low-power microcontroller and can be customized to customer requirements. See the specifications below for default options.

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